English Club

At the Happy Nest English Club children's literacy skills are fostered by a qualified teacher basing her methods around the Jolly Phonics system. The class size is kept small (maximum of 10 children for Beginners and Intermediate levels, 6 for the Advanced level) to allow a maximum of personal attention to each child.

There are three levels, each with a dedicated session.

Terms for the 2017/18 school year

Term From/To Sessions Materials/Books Total Cost
Summer 2017 4.9.2017 - 6.10.2017 5 25 250
Autumn 2017 23.10.2017 - 22.12.2017 9 25 430
Winter 2018 8.1.2018 - 9.2.2018
26.2.2018 - 20.4.2018
13 35 620
Spring 2018 7.5.2018 - 13.7.2018 10 35 435


(Thursday 13:45 - 15:15)

Children are taught the 42 letter sounds and motions and how to blend the sounds in order to read words. They learn the 42 Jolly Jingles songs and learn about Tricky Words. They are taught the letter names and how to read books by themselves.

This group focuses on the following skills:

  • Learning the letter sounds
  • Learning letter formations
  • Blending and segmenting
  • Identifying sounds in words
  • Tricky words

Grammar 1

(Wednesday 13:40 - 14:40)

This group is for children who are confident with their letter sounds and can blend words. It is suitable for those who have completed the Beginners level. The emphasis of this group is consolidating the children's knowledge from Jolly Phonics and helping them develop an understanding of how grammar works.

Main skills taught in this group:

  • Learning the different parts of speech, punctuation
  • Learning how to deal with plurals
  • Identifying different tenses
  • Learning various spelling rules
  • Learning grammar rules

Grammar 2

(Wednesday 14:50 - 15:50)

This group is for children who can read, write and understand the basic grammar rules. This course is suitable for children who did well in the Intermediate course. The emphasis of this group is to introduce further grammar elements.

Main skills taught in this group:

  • Identifying and understanding what nouns, adjectives, verbs and pronouns are
  • Learning how to deal with prepositions and conjunctions
  • Dictionary work
  • Dealing with the present particle and the continuous tenses
  • Learning how to build paragraphs and further expand on writing skills