Lynn Boyd

Lynn Boyd I'm originally from the North of England and came to Switzerland in 1982. After years of working in the hospitality industry I decided on a new career that would support my interest in children. I started as an assistant at the English Play and Preschool in Aathal in 2002 where I developed a lasting interest in the Montessori philosophy. I completed my training as a playgroup leader with Lucie Hillenberg, one of the original founders of the playgroup movement in Switzerland in 2005 and have continued taking specialised courses since.

Heloise Clifford

Heloise Clifford I’m originally from South Africa and have been living in Switzerland since August 2013. I am a pianist with a Master’s degree, teacher’s licentiate and other diplomas in music. I have many years of teaching experience at an exclusive elementary school in South Africa. I am an enthusiastic teacher and find great enjoyment in sharing knowledge and being influential in childhood development and education. My love of teaching, as well as a genuine love for children makes leading the English Club a joy for me. Adding my passion for music and creating the Happy Music classes is an exciting new venture.