Terms and Conditions

Joining The Happy Nest

  • Completion of the enrollment form
  • 150 CHF non-refundable entrance fee
  • Refundable deposit charged with first monthly bill

Leaving The Happy Nest

  • Parents must provide a written resignation letter two months in advance of the leaving date. Oral resignations will not be accepted.

Clothing and personal items

  • Children should have an extra set of clothing.
  • Rain and snow gear when appropriate.
  • Comfortable slippers.
  • Nappies or any special creams (when necessary) must be provided by the parents.


  • Parents are required to have health, accident and third-party liability insurance for their children.

Food allergies and other medical needs

  • The teachers must be notified of any special dietary requirements or medical needs of your child. Any emergency medicine that might potentially need to be administered should be given to the teachers.


Safety is very important to us, therefore we have certain rules and guidelines that should be respected:

  • Children with fevers or contagious illnesses must be kept at home until the the child has fully recovered.
  • Parents should provide at least one emergency contact number where they are reachable at all times.
  • No one except the parents is allowed to pick up a child, unless the parents have given explicit instructions.

All teachers have first-aid training.